How first aid can improve your job prospects

When applying for a position, you always try to put your best foot forward and highlight the advantages you offer to the prospective employer above the other applicants.  Sometimes just having the right experience isn’t enough and they are looking for something more.

In situations like these, having extra qualifications and skills that compliment your role and give the interviewer an extra incentive to hire you, can be the difference between getting a call back or a ‘Thank you for applying’ email.

Completing a registered First Aid course with a qualified training company is an excellent skill that you can very easily add to your resume.  The benefit of completing a First Aid course is that you are showing a potential employer initiative that you are willing and able to look after yourself and those around you.

There is also the extra advantage that you can use your First Aid skills both inside and outside of the office if need be.

First Aid Accident and Emergency at Varsity Lakes provide free CPR courses as well as fully registered First Aid courses including specific skill sets for specific industries and trades.

Here at Fiona Watson Recruitment, we work closely with our applicants and our clients to ensure that the experience, personality and skill-set works for both parties.   We want to give everyone the best opportunity to succeed and upskilling is a productive way to make your application stand out from the crowd.

If you are interested in attending a First Aid course with First Aid Accident and Emergency, contact their head office for more information: https://www.firstaidae.com.au/contact/


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