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Whether you're in search of a casual, temporary position to bridge a gap, a longer fixed-term contract, or that pivotal career move, we have an extensive network of connections with companies that can offer you these opportunities. As established and respected recruiters in the industry, we often take on roles that never even make it to market as we will leverage our network of candidates first, affirming the old adage, "it's not just about what you know, but who you know."
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At Fiona Watson Recruitment, we take pride in fostering enduring relationships with our candidates. Many individuals we've placed early in their career have returned to us time and again when seeking their next career step, and some have progressed to roles as CFOs, General Managers, and even CEOs. We operate in close partnership with you, taking time to understand your professional work experience, aspirations, and strengths. Our commitment extends to providing honest feedback and guidance on the current job market, assisting you with CV presentation, interview preparation, and formulating a strategy to attain your long-term career objectives. We are proactive and will approach companies you specifically wish to work for, ensuring utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Whether you're immediately available and interested in temporary work while we seek a permanent role for you, or you're exploring opportunities passively and would like us to keep an eye out for your ideal career move, please reach out for a confidential discussion today.

The Recruitment process

Unless you are a seasoned user of recruitment agencies, the recruitment process can sometimes be rather daunting. Here is a simple step by step of the process including tips on how to get the most out of your recruiter.

OK, so you apply for what looks like the perfect job for you, you submit your well presented CV and a recruitment consultant gives you a call – what next?

Initial phone call with Recruiter

This is your first opportunity to make a good impression, the initial call is usually to ascertain are you a suitable candidate for this role and potentially others so make sure you can speak freely and can remember which role it was you applied for. If you can’t, arrange a time to call back and make sure you do!
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Interview with Recruiter

Approach the interview with the recruiter just as you would an interview with a company. Dress appropriately, know your work history and expect questions that will allow you to sell yourself. Always remain professional and be honest about yourself. The recruiter is going to assess your technical ability, aspirations and team fit, so make sure they are seeing the ‘authentic you’. Are you looking for permanent work only? Would you be open to temp work which can lead to permanent work in the future? Keep an open mind. By the end of the interview you should have a plan with the recruiter of what steps are going to be taken to find you employment.

Submission to roles

Sometimes this can happen overnight (literally) or the perfect roles may take weeks to come up. Your details are submitted to suitable roles and if you are not successful, hopefully there will be some feedback as to why not. Don’t get despondent if you aren’t requested for interview with every position. Or, you get the next phone call, an interview request.

Interview with the company

Preparation is the key! Take a look at the video on this website on how to prepare for an interview. Your recruiter will brief you as fully as possible and it is up to you to do some further research about the role and company. Again, be yourself. Your personality as well as your technical ability are what are going to get you the job. And don’t worry, not everyone is looking for the confident, outgoing people. Call your recruiter straight after the interview with your feedback, it’s important that they can go back to the client with your thoughts (and, if its not the job for you, be honest, its better to bow out of the process now than later on).


You have made it through the one or two interview stages with the company and they would like to take the next step. Make sure your references are expecting a call and are people that you have worked for in the recent past who can comment on your technical ability and ability to fit within a company. No company or recruiter should take references without advising you first.

Job offer

As you have been keeping in contact with your recruiter throughout the process, a job offer should be a pleasant surprise where the title, salary, responsibilities are in line with your expectations. There may be some negotiations around salary which is sometimes much easier having a third party negotiate on your behalf. Having received your contract, you accept the role and hand in your resignation.


Counteroffers happen regularly these days as companies don’t want to face the process of finding your replacement. They will offer to match your salary, increase your responsibilities etc to stay with us. Although you will feel loyalty, guilt and other emotions, remember what it was that started you looking for this new opportunity. Over two thirds of people who are counter offered still leave their employer within 12 months.

Starting your new role

The recruitment process doesn’t finish with you accepting the new role. Your recruiter will keep in touch before you start and during your first few months to ensure everything is going OK. If, during this time you are unhappy, let your recruiter know, they may be able to solve whatever the problem is or address any issues you are uncomfortable dealing with yourself.

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